Pay Now and Afterpay account

You can check out your recent Pay Now and Afterpay sales on your Pay Now and Afterpay statement

We'll automatically transfer all the cleared payments to your bank account each working day (minus the 1.95% Pay Now transaction fee, or 4.95% Afterpay transaction fee). To see a breakdown of what purchases are included in the daily transfer, just click the 'Payment to' link.

Keep in mind, any payments made before 10pm will be ready to send out the next working day, and payments made after 10pm will be ready to be paid out the following working day.

How to register 

To register for Pay Now and Afterpay, just enter in your bank details. We'll pay $0.01 into your bank account, along with a six-digit reference code. When this appears on your end, just enter in your code and you'll be ready to accept Pay Now and Afterpay payments. 

How to update my bank account

You can change your bank account from your 'My Trade Me' page. You'll need to activate your new bank account before payments will start being sent to your new details. Keep an eye out for the $0.01 deposit, and pop the code into the activation page to confirm the change. 

Exporting your Pay Now and Afterpay account

You can export your last 60 days (or 500 transactions) to a file. Just click the 'Export Pay Now and Afterpay Account' link at the bottom of your Pay Now and Afterpay account.

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