Ping balance

Your Ping balance is your stored money from selling items with Ping (held on trust by Trade Me). For example, if you sell a couch for $100 using Ping, this will be added to your Ping balance (minus the 1.95% transaction fee).

You can do two things with your Ping balance: use the stored money to buy items on Trade Me, or withdraw it to your bank account – easy as.

You have total control on when your balance is sent to your bank account. When you're ready, just click the 'Transfer out' button on your 'Ping overview' page. To make things easier, you can also have your balance sent out automatically every working day by clicking 'Enable' under your 'Transfer out options'.

If you pop into the negatives, you can top up your balance to bring it back to $0 with your credit/debit card, or bank account. 

How do I update my bank account details?

You can remove your current linked 'transfer out' bank account by clicking 'Delete' next to your details on your 'Ping overview' page. To add a new bank account, just click the 'Add bank account' button. 

If your bank account needs verifying, we'll send you an email to let you know. Ping will pay 1c into your bank account along with a reference code. When this appears on your end, just enter your code on your 'Ping overview' page.

Exporting Ping transactions 

You can export your entire Ping transaction history to a file. On your 'Transactions' page, simply select your date range and click 'Download'. 

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