Problems communicating with the buyer

Having a hard time reaching the buyer? Here are some tips to help keep the trade running smoothly:

  • It may seem obvious, but do take a look at your junk or spam folder just in case their emails are hiding there.
  • Double check that you're using their correct email address. To be extra safe, try copy and pasting their email address from your 'Sold' page straight into your email system.
  • If you think the buyer may be having trouble replying to you, feel free to send through your contact number so they can flick you a text/give you a call instead.
  • Sometimes your spam filters can block their emails automatically, so be sure to check your email settings to make sure nothing's slipping through the cracks.


Keep in mind that we expect contact within two working days (and payment within a week), so if the listing didn't close too long ago, it's best to hang tight to give the buyer a chance to respond. 

If you're still not having any luck we may be able to help by catching them over the phone, just let us know. To make things easier, be sure to include your best contact number if you'd like this passed over to the buyer. 

If things turn totally pear-shaped and the buyer backs out of the deal, you can always request a refund of the success fee. 


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