Using Trade Me's trade marks in applications

We want people to use the API to build cool, creative and useful applications, but we don't want them to be confused about what Trade Me has (or hasn't) been involved in building. 

We're pretty reasonable, but we do have a few dos and don'ts in relation to the way applications that tap into the Trade Me API are represented.


  • Use the words 'Trade Me' as a link to the Trade Me site.
  • Use the words 'Trade Me' to state that your application is compatible with Trade Me and built on Trade Me's platform.
  • Give your application a unique name and branding that doesn't include the words 'Trade Me'.



  • Use the Trade Me name or other trade marks to imply that Trade Me endorses your application.
  • Use Trade Me's logo or copy Trade Me's look and feel.
  • Try to register a trade mark or domain name that includes the words 'Trade Me' (or misspellings of it).

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