Your listing allowance


Your listing allowance is the number of items you can list at one time before you begin incurring high volume listing (HVL) fees. Every seller is given a listing allowance of 50 listings. However, you may receive a larger listing allowance based on your total sales.

If the number of live listings you have exceeds your listing allowance, you will be charged an HVL fee of $0.10 for each additional listing over your allowance.

You can find your current listing allowance on your sales summary page in My Trade Me.


How is your listing allowance calculated?

We calculate your listing allowance based on your previous six weeks’ selling activity, at the end of each week.

We take the total number of sales from your best week of selling (during the last six weeks) and multiply this by five – the resulting number is your listing allowance for the upcoming week.


Jane sold 20 items in her best week over the last six weeks. That means that this week, Jane has a listing allowance of 100 items (20 x 5 = 100).

Are there any exceptions?

DVD and Blu-ray catalogue listings, Lost & Found Pets and classified listings such as Motors and Property do not count towards your listing allowance calculation, and do not incur an HVL fee.

What if you have multiple-quantity listings?

Your listing allowance is calculated based on the number of individual purchases made, not the total quantity of units sold.


Jane has a multiple-quantity listing and sells 61 cups to 61 different buyers in her best week. This means her listing allowance is calculated: 61 x 5 = 305

But, if Jane sells 61 cups to two buyers in her best week (one buyer bought 30 and the other bought 31). This means her listing allowance is calculated: 2 x 5 = 10 (but her listing allowance would stay at the minimum of 50).

Why are you being charged for each of your listings?

Paying HVL fees does not reset or raise your listing allowance. These fees apply to every listing, every time you exceed your listing allowance, regardless of what you've already paid.


If Jane starts five live listings above her allowance of 100, so that she now has 105 live listings, she will be charged $0.50 in listing fees.

If three of Jane’s listings close, leaving her with 102 listings, she will still be sitting above her allowance of 100 listings. She will then incur HVL fees if she starts any more listings, or re-lists any closed listings.

This means that if Jane has 105 listings, and 10 of them are set to expire and relist at the same time, Jane will be charged $1.00 of HVL fees for 10 relists, because at the time each listing expires and is relisted, she is still over her listing allowance.

Why does this listing allowance exist?

Not only do listing allowances help sellers to maintain a healthy sell-through rate, they also help stop category spamming. Imagine how many identical listings would crowd categories if there was no limit to how many listings each seller was allowed!

How can you raise your allowance?

To increase your listing allowance you need only have more successful sales. The more you sell, the higher this allowance will be.

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