Drop shipping terms and conditions

These terms apply to domestic sellers who have been approved for drop shipping in writing by Trade Me, and apply in addition to the Trade Me terms and conditions.

Drop shipping occurs when a seller provides goods for sale to a buyer without ownership or possession of the goods. When a sale is completed, the goods are delivered directly from the seller’s supplier to the buyer.

Drop shipping terms

1. 1. If you have received written approval for drop shipping by Trade Me, then you may list items that you do not have ownership or possession of, under the following terms and conditions.
2. You must, at all relevant times:
(a) Maintain at least 98% positive feedback.
(b) Offer Pay Now or Ping as the only payment option in any listings where you use drop shipping.
(c) Clearly state within any listing the country the items will ship from.
(d) Clearly outline within the listing description that customs import charges may apply to the listed item.
(e) Clearly state how long the item will take to arrive (an estimated delivery timeframe is sufficient) and only charge a reasonable shipping cost.
(f) Provide an accurate description of the item in the listing description.
(g) Include an accurate description and price of items in the package dispatch information.
(h) Only use tracked shipping.
(i) Ensure that all items sold on Trade Me are received by the buyer within a reasonable time having regard to the time stated in (e) in respect of each item.
(j) Only list an electrical fitting, appliance or any other electronic item with a plug that is compliant with New Zealand regulations.
(k) Ensure all listings comply with New Zealand laws and Trade Me’s standard terms and conditions.
(l) Comply with any maximum listing volumes as agreed with Trade Me in writing.
(m) Accept responsibility for any issues with listings (including non-delivery of items and not as described complaints) between Trade Me members and yourself, and agree to work promptly and in good faith with the member to find a reasonable solution to the issue.
(n) Comply with any additional conditions notified to you in writing by Trade Me that are relevant to your particular circumstances.
3. If you do not accept these (or any updated) terms and conditions, you must refrain from drop shipping.
4. These terms may be updated from time to time in order to help keep Trade Me a safe and trusted place to trade and to protect the integrity of the Trade Me Marketplace.
5. Trade Me may review your status at any time, and withdraw approval for drop shipping or limit your ability to drop ship by giving you notice in writing (including through email) if you breach these terms and conditions or Trade Me considers it appropriate, including to assist in ensuring a good buyer experience.

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