Job listing policies

When listing on Trade Me Jobs you must abide by the following jobs listing policies. 

All listings must:

  • Each represent one job vacancy.
  • Represent opportunities for individual employment (not franchise/ business opportunities).
  • Represent specific actual vacancies (not potential/ future opportunities).
  • Be listed in the most relevant job category.
  • Not be duplicated on the site within the same category. However if the listing is relevant to more than one category, or is both permanent & part time then you may choose to place more than one listing to cover these bases.
  • Have no links to external sites, unless you are listing under a volume plan agreement which permits a link to an online application for that specific role.
  • Be both legally compliant and consistent with principles of common decency.


Overseas jobs can only be listed on the site if it is made clear in the title where the role is. The location selected should then be the intended catchment area where the person is to be recruited from. 

Adult listings (such as listings for escort and pole dancer vacancies) are not permitted.

Trade Me does not audit documents sent to advertisers through the 'Apply online' feature and gives no undertakings as to the content of those documents. We do not warrant or guarantee that they will be free of viruses, trojans or other malicious or destructive programmes.

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