Listing promotional extra discount terms and conditions

  1. Acceptance of terms: By listing an item and selecting a Promotional Extra with a Promotional Extra Discount applying  to it (an “Eligible Item”), you agree to these terms and conditions (“Terms”) which are between Trade Me Limited (“Trade Me”) and you. Trade Me may update these Terms at any time without notice to you, but will adhere to the terms that applied at the time you listed an Eligible Item.

  2. Promotional Extra: A “Promotional Extra” is any additional listing package that you select (excluding basic listing) for listings in Trade Me’s general items marketplace, as further described on Trade Me’s ‘Promoting your listing’ page, and includes (without limitation) Gallery, Feature, Feature Combo, and Super Feature.

  3. Promotional Extra Discount: A “Promotional Extra Discount” is where Trade Me offers to reduce the normal price of a Promotional Extra applicable under Trade Me’s fees page when making a listing in Trade Me’s general items marketplace. A Promotional Extra Discount may be made available only to specific members (determined at Trade Me’s sole discretion) and the reduction in the Promotional Extra price may be indicated as a percentage discount or a price reduction. Where a Promotional Extra Discount is offered to you, you will be able to apply the Promotional Extra to new listings that you create at the discounted price, provided you comply with these Terms.

  4. Other requirements for a Promotional Extra Discount: From time to time, Trade Me may offer a Promotional Extra Discount to you in accordance with these Terms. Any other terms, conditions or requirements applicable to an offer of a Promotional Extra Discount which are made known to you (for example, via email, in the listing process or in any advertising) apply in addition to these Terms. In addition, any Promotional Extra Discount will only:
    1. be available to you for the period specified by Trade Me to you, or if not specified, for a limited time (which may be determined by Trade Me at its reasonable discretion and without notice to you); and

    2. apply in relation to the items, categories of items or to the specific sellers, notified to you by Trade Me.

    3. be available for a fixed number of uses at the discounted price. After the applicable number of uses has been reached, you will be charged for further uses of any Promotional Extra at the standard price. Trade Me will communicate the relevant number of uses applicable to any Promotional Extra Discount in a manner consistent with this clause 4.

  5. Other fees still apply: If you list an Eligible Item, unless Trade Me notifies you otherwise, you will remain liable to pay:
    1. the success fee

    2. a withdrawal fee if you withdraw an Eligible Item which was not sold to a Trade Me member;

    3. any applicable charge for the use of a payment service on Trade Me’s online marketplace (for example, Pay Now, Ping or Afterpay);

    4. any applicable high volume listing fees;

    5. any applicable classified fee for a classified listing; and

    6. any other applicable listing fee.

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