Apply for a success fee refund

If a trade doesn't work out, you can always apply for a refund of the success fee – we'd hate to see you out of pocket.

Here are some simple steps:

  1. Head to your 'Sold' page via 'My Trade Me' from the desktop site.
  2. Find the listing you need a refund for, and click the listing title.
  3. Under the 'If the sale falls through...' heading click 'refund of your success fee'.
  4. Pop in a few details what happened and click 'Next'.


We'll then email the buyer for their side of the story. Once we hear back, or after a maximum of five days, we'll email you the outcome. Any refund will appear in your Trade Me account right away.

If you're keen to relist or send out an offer, just head back to the 'If the sale falls through...' section.

Keep in mind, you can only request a refund through this process for 40 days after the listing closes. 


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