Selling imported Australian vehicles

Motor vehicle traders must disclose in the listing body if a motor vehicle was statutorily written-off in Australia. This policy came into effect on 1 July 2016.

How can motor vehicle traders comply?

As part of our banned and restricted list, we require motor vehicle traders to disclose if they’re selling a vehicle that has previously been written off in Australia. 

This is the required wording:

"This vehicle was imported from Australia as a statutory write off. Buyers should ensure they fully understand the history of the vehicle before purchase."

We understand that importers of vehicles are fully aware of the history of the vehicle, as it’s recorded on the documentation accompanying the vehicle as it enters New Zealand.

Motor vehicle traders may also use NZTA or MotorWeb to check the status of the vehicle.

We recognise that the NZTA’s database (which MotorWeb uses) is a starting point but not a comprehensive data set. If there is any doubt about a vehicle’s status, motor vehicle traders may wish to consider exploring the vehicle’s repair certification status as a lead. 

We expect traders to make best endeavours to determine the vehicle’s status and disclose if the vehicle was a statutory write-off. This policy covers Australian imports brought in NZ from 1 January 2011.

See our Guide for Motor Vehicle Traders for more information.

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