A/B testing

What's an A/B test? 

An A/B test shows a selected group of members a new functionality, design, pricing structure, language or incentive. 

Members in group ‘A’ are the test group who see the changes we’re trialing. Those in group ‘B’ are the control group who won’t notice anything different. Sometimes (for more complicated tests) we'll test more than two groups. 

An A/B test can happen across multiple devices. However, we usually run tests on our desktop site. 

Why do you do A/B tests? 

We want to see if the changes we're testing achieve their purpose and give you a better experience. If we think that the change performed well, we might consider rolling it out across the site for all members. 

What does it mean for me? 

Usually, members who are in the test group will have to be logged in to see any changes. The only way you’ll know if you’re in this group is if you notice a change. If we’re looking for feedback, we’ll display a banner (or something similar) on the page to let you know how to give us your thoughts. 

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