Listing types

You'll spot a few different listing types while browsing Trade Me, so it's a good idea to have a handle on how they all work.


Auctions have a reserve price, start price and can have a Buy Now price. You can place bids, and if you're the highest bidder when the auction closes (and the reserve price has been met), or you use the Buy Now, you'll be the winner. Auctions are used in our general and motors categories.


Classifieds are like ads in the newspaper. The seller sets a fixed asking price, and if you're keen to learn more about the item, you can message them directly. Once you've reached a deal with the seller, they simply remove the ad from the site. The sale happens off Trade Me, so feedback isn't left. Classifieds are used for property, motors, and certain machinery and animals. 


A provider can set up an ad to offer their services. You can find their business, contact and website details on the listing. If you'd like to enquire, you can drop them a line directly. You can also leave a thumbs up or down to review the experience you had, which will be visible to other members. 

Multiple Quantity Listings (MQLs)

If a seller has more than one of the same item, they can set up an MQL. You can enter in the quantity you wish to purchase and click the 'Buy Now' button. MQLs are Buy Now only, so bidding isn't an option. Sellers can charge shipping per item or per order, so make sure to keep an eye out for which option is available. MQLs are used in our general Marketplace categories.





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