Payment options

When you start a listing, there are a bunch of different payment options you can choose to offer. 

By offering Ping (or Pay Now) and Afterpay on your listings, you’ll also be giving them the benefit of Buyer Protection.

Payment options completed through Trade Me:


The buyer can use their credit/debit card, bank account or Ping balance to pay you instantly. The money will appear in your Ping account right away, so you're able to get their parcel out the door in a flash.

Just tick the 'Ping' box when you're creating the listing. You can link your bank account to your Ping account so that we can send your balance out to you. The transaction fee is 1.95% (1.65% for Top Sellers).


The buyer can use their credit/debit card to pay off the total amount in four fortnightly interest-free payments. You'll receive the full amount upfront, and Afterpay will follow up with the buyer for the remaining payments, so you can ship their item straight away. 

To offer Afterpay, you need to be registered with Pay Now, and then tick the 'Afterpay' box when you're creating the listing. We'll pop the money into your Pay Now account for it to be sent out to you the next working day. The transaction fee is 4.95%.

Pay Now

Pay Now will soon be replaced by Ping. With Pay Now, the buyer can use their credit/debit card to pay you on the spot. The money will appear in your Pay Now account right away, so you can send their parcel as soon as possible.

Just tick the 'Pay Now' box when you're creating the listing. The transaction fee is 1.95% (1.65% for Top Sellers).


Payment options completed off-site:  

Bank transfer

The buyer can pay into your bank account using internet or phone banking. You can set up payment instructions via 'My Trade Me' with your bank details to be sent to the buyer automatically, or email the buyer with your information directly. 

You'll need to wait until their payment appears on your end before you ship their item. Keep in mind this could be a working day or two, due to bank processing times. 

Just tick the 'NZ bank deposit' box when you're setting up your listing. 

Cash on pick up

If the buyer is picking up the item, they can pay you in cash when they come over to collect. 

Just tick the 'Cash' box when you're starting your listing. 

Credit Card (not on Trade Me) 

If you have your own credit card payment facility you can tick the 'Credit card' box when you create the listing. You'll need to email the buyer to arrange payment. 


If you have something else in mind, just tick the 'Other' box and enter in the option in the text box that appears below.

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