Top Seller programme

If your items are flying out of the door, you might sell enough to reach Top Seller status. 

How to qualify

To qualify, you must:

  • be 'in trade'
  • have had at least 60 purchases of items you have listed, or have made at least $10,000 in sales over the past six weeks
  • have a 98% or higher positive feedback rating
  • have a sell-through rate (total purchases / total purchases + total unsold listings) of at least 10% over the past six weeks. When we display your STR we show it rounded to the nearest whole number.


Note: only Marketplace listings count towards your Top Seller qualification criteria. Motors*, Jobs and Property listings are excluded.

*'Car parts & accessories' is considered a Marketplace category, so these listing will continue towards Top Seller qualification and receive Top Seller rebates. All of 'Business, Farming & industry' is also included in the Top Seller programme.

Benefits and rewards 

  • Save 15% on success fees, high volume listing fees, Gallery, Feature, Feature Combo and Super Feature promotional extras and are only charged 1.65% (instead of 1.95%) of the total purchase price when receiving Pay Now or Ping payments for Marketplace listings. 
  • Exempt from the $249.00 success fee cap, and will pay a maximum success fee of $126.65 (i.e. $149 with a 15% discount).
  • The ability to add a video to their listings.
  • Special 'Top Seller' label which appears on their member details page, Stores page, and all general item listings.
  • Free phone support.


How it works

Your savings are automatically paid into your Trade Me account at the end of each day. To make things easy, you can filter by 'Top Seller discounts'. We’ll also email you a weekly summary of your savings. 

You'll remain a Top Seller so long as you continue to meet the requirements. We'll re-check your status every six weeks.



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