Items that don't sell

Did your listing close without selling? Don't stress, you can still send out an offer or relist to give a new listing another shot.

Fixed price offer

If you had traders add your listing to their watchlist, you can send out an offer at a fixed price for a limited amount of time. If someone snaps up your offer, the success fee charged is based on your offer price. 

To create an offer, click the 'Fixed price offer' button on the expired listing or on your 'Unsold' page. You can decide on your offer price, choose how many days the offer is valid for (one, three or seven) and select the watchers you'd like to receive the offer. 

Keep in mind, if you've added a trader to your blacklist, they'll be unticked to receive the offer by default. If you want to include them in the offer too, you need to manually tick the box next to their username.


To relist your item, simply click the 'Relist' button on the expired listing or on your 'Unsold' page. Feel free make any needed changes during the relist process.

Once the new listing is up on the site, we'll email all the traders who had your listing on their watchlist with a direct link to the fresh listing. Remember, it's free to relist auctions but you'll be charged if you choose to use any promos

Don't forget – you have 45 days once a listing has closed to send out an offer or relist before it's removed from the site and is archived.  

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