Listings that didn't sell

Didn't manage to catch an auction while it was still live on site? No worries, you can still let the seller know you're interested. 

Requesting a fixed price offer or relist

After a listing closes, the seller may choose to send out an offer to any trader who added the listing to their Watchlist or relist to start a new listing.

Sometimes, if the listing did sell but the winning buyer didn't complete the sale, (or the seller has more than one item available), they will send out an offer or create a new listing.

With offers, the conditions that were stated in the listing remain the same (e.g. description, shipping details etc). You're not able to ask questions once the listing has closed. 

We'll send you an email if a seller offers you an item or decides to relist (with a link to the new listing). You can make your offer decision from the email, or directly from the expired listing page. Keep in mind that an offer is only a limited time deal.

If you had the listing on your Watchlist, you can also ask the seller send out an offer by clicking the 'Request a relist or offer' link on the expired listing page. If you didn't have the listing on your Watchlist, you'll still be able to request a relist.

The seller withdrew the auction

We allow sellers to withdraw auctions as there may be a legitimate reason to do so (e.g. if the item was broken or stolen). We wouldn't want you to end up being the unknowing winner of a damaged item!

We monitor sellers who regularly withdraw auctions and follow up from behind the scenes where necessary. Why not set up a favourite search so you're notified when something similar is listed? 


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