Update account and Trade Me profile

You can change your contact details, email address, member profile info, and password, by heading to the ‘My Trade Me’ drop-down box on the home page, and selecting ‘View My Trade Me’. Everything about your account can be found here.

Regularly updating your account details keeps other members in the loop and helps us here at Trade Me, too.

Tip: If you get stuck trying to do this on your mobile, just jump on the full desktop site by heading to www.trademe.co.nz, scrolling to the bottom, and making sure 'Desktop site' is selected.

Contact details

You can change your personal contact details or your business membership details by updating the form and then clicking ‘done’.

Member profile

Your Trade Me member profile is visible to other members.  

Your username and suburb show by default, but you can also enhance your Trade Me Profile by adding in your occupation, favourite quote and information about you – please don't include your contact details! You can remove or update these details anytime on the desktop site.

Once you've updated your profile you can also add in a photo.

If you've seen something on a profile which you don't think belongs on Trade Me – check our guidelines and report it.

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