Test icons

profile-framed profile-framed
edit edit
speech-bubble speech-bubble
binoculars binoculars
binoculars-tick binoculars-tick
binoculars-plus binoculars-plus
binoculars-minus binoculars-minus
bank-account-number bank-account-number
bank-account-plus bank-account-plus
bank-account bank-account
bin bin
cart cart
cart-tick cart-tick
cart-cross cart-cross
credit-card-add credit-card-add
credit-card-csv credit-card-csv
credit-card credit-card
heart heart
heart-tick heart-tick
heart-plus heart-plus
heart-minus heart-minus
settings settings
shopping-bag shopping-bag
trophy-cross trophy-cross
trophy-tick trophy-tick
trophy trophy
view-filter view-filter
tag tag
tag-tick tag-tick
tag-cross tag-cross
alert alert
mail mail
basic-question-framed basic-question-framed
shop-wallet shop-wallet
truck-delivery truck-delivery
briefcase briefcase
search-fill search-fill
shield shield


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