Information for intellectual property rights holders

Want to know what intellectual property means for you as a seller? We can help.

We work directly with hundreds of brands and rights holders as part of our intellectual property rights (IPR) programme.

If you’re a brand owner or IPR holder, and believe a listing infringes your rights, please contact us. We have an established process in place for IP owners.

If you’re an IP rights holder and need to inform us about a breach – get in touch.

What we need from you

  • Proof of the IPR you hold (e.g. IPONZ registration, registered patents, etc).
  • Providing proof helps prevent back-and-forth claims between competitors.


What does Trade Me do?

  • We offer guidance for sellers, to help them make sure their listings don’t breach others’ IP.
  • Members can report listings via Community Watch – these are reviewed and actioned by our Trust and Safety team.
  • If a listing that breaches IP is brought to our attention – we’ll remove it from the site.
  • Trade Me doesn't enforce distribution agreements.


Find out how we protect your IP – and how to report a breach.

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